Hey Google - Build Me...

"Hey Google! ... " is what many of us are saying now. This post is about a meta idea for Google or companies like it. An idea factory factory if you like.

Hey Google! ... Build me ...

Every now and then we get ideas. We think: "This is going to make me rich!". We think: "I should protect this idea with a patent or similar.".

However, many people have many ideas and when someone tells you their idea it might sound very convincing in an evening over a few beers or wine. It might sound like if you do it and keep it secret, you are indeed going to get rich (quick!). This is a fallacy. Unless you already have a substantial amount of capital raised and have full-time or more and the ability to get people to do things for you either with money or other motivations.

Having said that, if it weren't for people who have the drive and a vision to fulfill their or many people's dreams, it would be a pretty boring place and progress would not happen