Announcing student project support

Are you a student looking for a company to do a class room project involving Information Technology? If the answer is yes, read on! is now supporting students through their studies with student projects. You will need to provide a CV and cover letter to prove your language proficiency and that you want to work with us. This is necessary because we cannot take on everyone and need to ensure we are not wasting our time. However, if you are in your last year of study and think you've got what it takes to contribute to a successful project, you are welcome and encouraged to apply. If you've made it this far, you probably have the skills and perseverance to go on.

You can suggest your own project or we can probably provide you with an idea that is doable within your 450 hour or similar time-frame. We have mentored student projects before and are confident that we can guide you through a successful project, that is interesting and doable.

Let it be an Android application, a web development project or a new technology to develop, we can probably help you. So, talk to us.

Conditions are that the project is with a university or similar education institution like Massey University or UCOL. The other condition is it is in my home town, close or at least within the country. If not within my home town, we require an informal meeting to take place and some proof of identity and willingness to sign a contract which may be provided by the educational institution.