Announcing silverstripe support

We are dedicated to support SilverStripe, the relatively new and very well designed Content Management System. We can develop your sites, your web apps and mobile sites with this great piece of technology. It supports easy extensibility and has great template support. Furthermore, it is a New Zealand made and Free and Open Source Software.

It is written in PHP and has a lot of templates and modules out of the box which are very easy to extend and manipulate. The framework is well-designed and it has a large community of developers and users.

Launch your website or application with us and you can take advantage of competitive, rapid web development with a website or application that you can update yourself. You will only need us to develop new features and extensions and occasionally for support.

Watch @geekdenz on for proof of work and competency. You can ask questions directly there and if you need more support you can get it directly at by getting in touch.