Announcing android development

We're proudly announcing Android Development to be a focus from now into the future. Android is growing fast and we're committed to embracing this fast growth by specialising on this platform.

There are also other platforms for mobile, such as HTML5 Cordova and of course iOS (iPhone, iPad, ...). However, Android is an open platform. The source code is freely available and is Open Sourced. Also, Android is the fastest growing mobile platform and at its core is the Linux OS. Another strong reason for this decision is that Android Natively supports Java and we've been specialising in Java Development for years. Additionally, Android support XML and a styling language similar to CSS which is why our web development background helps a lot. Learning Android proves to be fast an easy, so we can easily be productive quickly.

Let us help you grow in this exciting area by deciding to develop your app with us. We look forward to your feedback and working with you.

Kind regards, The Android Team