Announcing web development

We're proudly announcing Web Development to be the main focus of this company. The web is a fast growing platform that is accessible from anywhere. Mobile, the desktop, your TV and any device that can display web pages like

To be a successful business going forward, you need a website if not a sophisticated web applications to meet your customer needs. We specialise in web development and can deliver fast, beautiful and useful web pages and applications. Whether you need a simple, static web page, a simple blog with semi-static pages that you want us to update for you or a fully content managed website that you can update yourself with an easy to use, productive back end and CMS, we can develop a solution for you that works best.

For as little as NZ$1500 we can develop a static web page for you that we can then update for you for only $50 per blog post and $200 per new page design to fit into this template.

A full-featured CMS Website development with custom development and/or a simple or sophisticated shopping cart for your online shop can be developed for as little as NZ$4000. Talk to us and you can find out what we can do within your budget.

Let us help you grow in this exciting area by deciding to make your app or website with us. We look forward to your feedback and working with you.

Kind regards, The Web Team