Digital Education - Learning Programming

Learning how to program is something that is very scary for most people. It is still a rare skill and people get good, fun and well paid jobs in this industry. Therefore dcoder is launching a digital education programme.

Programming is a skill that will be saught after for years to come. Learn to learn. Learn to program. Learn to like learning and consult dcoder for one-on-one programming lessons. Dcoder will adapt to your skill level, your learning pace and make most efficient use of your time.

This is an offering of a course to learn programming in your language of choice given that I know the language. My main programming languages are Java, JavaScript, C(++), Python, PHP and now Dart. I believe strongly, that you can easily learn a new language if you know one. So, make a choice and learn your first programming language.

Programming is fun. You can do a lot of things with this skill. You can impress your friends and find well-paid and fun jobs with this skill.

So, without further ado. I am offering lessons for an astonishing reasonable price:

NZ$50 for a one-on-one 1 hour lesson

If you find peers to join you, I will teach

2 people for NZ$40 per hour each

3 people for NZ$30 per hour each

4 people for NZ$25 per hour each

I look forward to teaching or helping you learn this future-proof and fun skill.

All the best, dcodernz